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House Boat Rental Resources

Your Online Directory For Houseboat Destinations !! It has listings for HouseBoat Rental facility from various US states to help you plan a house boat vacation in different parts of USA
Travel, excitement, comfort and cruising in style are all hallmark aspects of the houseboating lifestyle. It's a big world of waters out there, and houseboats are a part of it just about everywhere you go: America, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, India, you name it. Our magazine recognizes this wide variety of places and applications, so our celebration of houseboating ranges across a number of geographic and interpretive boundaries.

Houseboat Dealers and Rentals
This is an ultimate sporting goods resource. If you are planning to buy a house boat or want to go on a travle location in a houseboat just follow this link to book your boat now.

House Boat Vacations in the USA
Houseboats are a wonderful way to explore the natural wonders of the USA. From the mighty Mississippi to small inlet rivers and lakes on the Bayou, you can enjoy cruising on custom-built boats that often offer luxurious accommodations. They have given a list of few houseboat rental companies throughout the USA here. They have tried to give you a brief description of what each offers and the prices they charge. You can click on the links to get more information or to make your reservations. Rentals are very limited at some locations, so try to make your reservations far in advance.

HouseBoats for Sale
A good resourceful site for buying and selling your houseboat. Virtual marketplace for houseboats.

Boat World
Another virtual marketplace for houseboat sale and purchase.


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