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House Boat Rental FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions are illustrated below which would clear the cloud of confusion regarding a house boating experience. If any question that came to your mind is not present here make sure you get all matters cleared before you rent a house boat for your cruising trip.

1. How can I decide which is the best house boat rental company?

A. A company having a positive repute should be a lucrative option to look for house boat rentals. Look for the partners the company has, company history in general, how many years since they are in the business (the more number of years the better) the condition of their rental boats and other company policies in case of damages or other issues concerning renting.

2. What agreement needs to be signed before renting a house boat?

A. Before renting a house boat a contract needs to be signed where you agree to take complete responsibility of the house boat and its equipments. This makes you a temporary owner of the boat.

3. Is the boat insured against any damages?

A. Almost all house boat rental companies have insurances for their boats. The insurance is for the boat and its equipments and does not cover the crew or your personal belongings within it. For the insurance of your personal belongings you will need to get it done from your own insurance agent.

4. Do I need a license to sail a house boat?

A. Possessing a license is immaterial but having a good experience makes a lot of difference to sail a houseboat. If you have a good hand on sailing you will enjoy your houseboat trip more. If you are not a confident sailor you could ask your rental company to provide you a captain at an additional cost.

5. What the average size of a house boat and its capacity to carry people?

A. House Boats come in different sizes and depending upon the floor area the number of people it can accommodate can be judged. Avoid cramping the area with too many people. You must enough space for yourself and others along with you to enjoy the cruise to the fullest.

6. Can I carry a tow boat or a ski boat along with my houseboat?

A. Rental Companies generally provide tow boats and Jet Ski's on rental basis for you to enjoy fishing and other adventure sports while you are in and around your houseboat.

7. Do we need to carry grocery along? How is the kitchen on a houseboat?

A. The kitchen facilities depend entirely on the houseboat companies policies. Some have a well equipped kitchen where you can cook your own food. Others do not have this option but they have provisions to buy snacks and food from their marina. It's always advisable to carry some amount of eatables in case of crisis.

8. What about the fuel requirements?

A. The houseboat generally has a good fuel capacity and once it is filled for a trip it suffices till the end. In case of a fuel requirement you will charged for the additional fuel required which the company has provisions for. Diesel is best suited for long distance travel since it is more cost effective.


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