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House Boat Tips before you leave the port.

When you are planning to stay quite a few months on a houseboat there are a few things you must make arrangements for before leaving your home port. Choosing the right kind of houseboat is utmost important for long distance and long duration house boat trips. Your houseboat should ideally serve as your floating apartment having all important amenities in built.

House Boat generally has to have a large area as it has to have all sorts of amenities to last for a few months. A good security system and fire extinguishers are absolutely required in your houseboat. When you are mobile you will require some fixed addres where your friends and associates can mail you. Post Offices offer flexible mail forwarding options but you require providing them an address before hand.

There are various factors that could affect your trip largely like weather; tides, port in and port out needed to be done at every new port you arrive at, etc. All these factors need to be taken into consideration before traveling offshore from home.

Tie up with an online bank that will make it possible for you to deposit incoming checks automatically and for electronic bill paying. You may find numerous options for online banks while you search on Research on the Bank's history and then go ahead with becoming a member with it. Also a bank that provides good number of ATM outlets in the region you would be sailing should be on your top priority since using ATM machines of other banks can cost you a lot when you are on a moving houseboat. Inquire with your bank on different options for paying credit card bills when you are mobile and onshore. You don't want to be in a situation where the bank stops giving any credit since your last bill was not cleared. Financial aid is vital when you are traveling away from home.

Take along all necessary medication that you may require onboard. You don't want to go hunting for a druggist in an unknown location in case you need some medicines. Fix an appointment with your physician before starting your cruise and inform him your plan of action and which locations you would be traveling. Seek his advice for any medical aid you need to carry along on your trip. Also meet up with your dentist to sort out any dental flaws that need to be taken care of. You should be absolutely physically fit before you board your houseboat.

Find out what are the possible means of communication available within your houseboat. It is important to stay connected with the world outside your houseboat. Telephone and Internet are available on most of the houseboats these days. Check if the Internet connection would allow you to access the web in all locations you plan to sail. Check if all necessary gadgets are connected to the computer on the houseboat.

These are just a few basic things that need to be taken care of before boarding your houseboat. There could be other things that you may need depending on your interest and activities you wish to do while onboard your houseboat. So pack your bags and get set and sail!

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